Pilot Car Services Grounded in Safety

If you're looking for reliable pilot vehicle services that help ensure your overdimensonal freight arrives safely and on time, you've found the industry-leading partner that can provide them.

Turnkey Services for Your Exact Needs

You have enough on your plate — let us help you simplify your heavy haul and over-dimensional shipping. Get reliable turnkey solutions that provide you peace of mind.

What You'll Get With Sentinel

  • One-call service: One call is all it takes to receive the reliable front, rear and pole car solutions you need to make every shipment requiring a pilot car escort a success.
  • Custom service options: Your single point of contact will serve as your guide, but you get to choose whether they work directly with you or your drivers. Either way, they’ll make sure to coordinate the level of service you require based on your load dimensions.
  • Expansive reach: If you're shipping in the continental U.S. or Canada, we have you covered.
  • Convenient cost estimates: Cost estimates are always available to help you stay on budget.

Why You Can Trust Our Escorts

  • Extensive coverage: All of our drivers carry a minimum of $1 million in commercial liability auto insurance.
  • Fully equipped: Each driver will be certified in the states you need them to be and our drivers will always carry the proper equipment and signage.
  • Experienced and safety-minded: Our drivers are some of the most experienced in the industry, which means they can help ensure your loads move safely and assist your drivers with the latest safety best practices.


1 Point of Contact

from start to finish

$1 Million Minimum

commercial liability auto insurance for every escort

30,000 Escort Legs Handled

in 2020 alone

Get Peace of Mind for Your Next Big Move

Hauling heavy or oversized freight doesn't need to be stressful. Eliminate the hassles and safety concerns by partnering with some of the most experienced and safety-minded professionals in the pilot car industry.

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Front Escort Services

This type of pilot car acts as a proactive early warning sign — notifying your drivers of any oncoming traffic or potential hazards ahead. It’s a crucial role for experienced escorts that can react quickly and plan strategically. Our drivers can do both.

Find out how our front escort services can help ensure the safety and timeliness of your heavy or oversized shipments.

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Lead Car
Rear Car

Rear Escort Services

Rear pilot car escorts serve as a buffer between your heavy haul or oversized shipment and trailing traffic. They often occupy offset or multiple lanes, protecting traffic while your driver makes a turn or changes a lane due to a lane closure/merge, an obstruction in the road ahead or a shoulder-parked vehicle.

Find out how our rear escort services can help ensure the safety and timeliness of your heavy or oversized l shipments.

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Height Pole Services

Some states require height pole services when loads exceed certain height parameters. This type of pilot car escort has a telescopic pole attached to its front bumper, which is typically adjusted to be six inches higher than the height of a particular load. This ensures your load can clear all overhead obstructions, like bridges, traffic signals and power lines.

Find out how our height pole services can help ensure the safety and timeliness of your overheight shipments.

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Height Pole
Rear Pilot Car escorting an overdimensional shipment

What Our Customers Say

"Sentinel is extremely responsive and able to provide pilot cars both when we give them notice and when we have last-minute requests. Their escorts are always professional, on time and do an exceptional job. Sentinel's rates are also fair and their customer service is excellent."

Erik S.
President, Construction Truck & Trailer, Inc.

"Sentinel is available seven days a week, which is beneficial to our company."

John V.
Operations Manager for Heavy Haul, IMT Transport

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Hauling heavy equipment or overdimensional freight can be a challenge if you don't work with an experienced and highly trained partner. Reach out today to see how we can make your next big move a success.

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