Rear Escort Services

Easily navigate roadways, protect your overdimentional shipments and keep the public safe by relying on some of the most experienced rear escorts in the industry.

Experienced Navigation at Every Step

Although requirements vary by state, many oversized shipments require rear pilot cars, which serve as essential buffers that keep traffic at a safe distance.

In addition to warning traffic approaching from behind that your over-dimensional load is ahead, rear escorts also serve a number of other crucial functions, including:

  • Alerting the front escort and your driver of traffic buildup.
  • Notifying your driver of any vehicles attempting to pass the load.
  • Warning traffic to stop when roadways narrow or other obstructions prevent safe passage.
  • Notifying your driver of flat tires, objects coming loose from the load or anything else your driver may not be able to see or be aware of.

For all of these reasons, it's necessary that you have access to only the most experienced rear escorts. At Sentinel Pilot Car Services, our rear escorts are some of the most experienced in the industry.

1 Point of Contact

from start to finish

$1 Million Minimum

commercial liability auto insurance for every escort

1,400 Rear Escorts Available

and ready to help you react quickly

Rear Escort Services That Help Ensure Safe Navigation

When overdimensional loads require rear escorts, drivers need to be made aware of everything they won't be able to see with their own eyes. Sentinel's highly experienced rear escorts know what to look out for, so your drivers can safely navigate every roadway along the route.

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What Sets Sentinel Rear Escorts Apart

  • Fleet size: There are up to 1,400 rear escorts available at any time, which gives you the flexibility you need to react quickly and keep your loads on schedule.
  • Experience: Our experienced rear escorts allow your drivers to safely navigate the most challenging roadways without incident. Each of them can also help you answer questions related to state permits and corresponding permit routing information.
  • Equipment: Every Sentinel rear escort carries an extensive amount of equipment, ensuring they're always able to meet state requirements.
  • Coverage: Each of our rear escorts carries a minimum of $1 million in commercial liability auto insurance.
Rear Car

What Our Customers Say

"Sentinel is extremely responsive and able to provide pilot cars both when we give them notice and when we have last-minute requests. Their escorts are always professional, on time and do an exceptional job. Sentinel's rates are also fair and their customer service is excellent."

Erik S.
President, Construction Truck & Trailer, Inc.

"Sentinel is available seven days a week, which is beneficial to our company."

John V.
Operations Manager for Heavy Haul, IMT Transport

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Avoid Being Caught Off Guard

Your drivers already have enough to keep track of, especially when they're hauling oversized loads that require rear pilot cars. It pays to work with skilled rear escorts who can help your drivers navigate even the most challenging roadways and traffic patterns without incident.

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