Front Escort Services

Keep your drivers and oversized freight shipments safe with experienced lead escorts who know what to watch out for — so your drivers can focus on what they do best.

A Partnership That Leads You to Success

Safely and efficiently shipping heavy or oversized freight is challenging enough. You shouldn't also have to worry about knowing state-specific pilot car requirements based on each load's dimensions. You also shouldn't have to worry about all of the road hazards and infrastructure challenges that may lie ahead for your drivers.

When you partner with Sentinel for front escort services, you gain a committed partner who will handle all of that for you.

Our front escorts are among the most experienced in the industry and serve a number of key functions, including:

  • Warning oncoming traffic of the presence of your over-dimensional load.
  • Notifying your driver of hazards, obstructions, pedestrians and all other potential problems.
  • Teaming up with your driver to make sure the route on the permit is being followed.
  • Identifying areas along the route that will allow traffic to safely pass.
  • Warning traffic to stop when roadways narrow or other obstructions prevent safe passage.

When you depend on Sentinel for front escort services, you gain a partner who can safely lead your oversized freight to its final destination.

1 Point of Contact

from start to finish

$1 Million Minimum

commercial liability auto insurance for every escort

1,400 front escorts available

and ready to help you react quickly

Front Car Services That Deliver Peace of Mind

Lead pilot cars must reliably provide the early warnings your drivers need to stay safe and run on time. Sentinel has the experienced lead escorts that will help your drivers stay ahead of what's next.

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What Sets Sentinel Front Car Escorts Apart

  • Fleet size: With up to 1,400 lead escorts available at any time, you’ll be able to depend on us to react quickly, no matter your need.
  • Experience: The experience level of our front escorts allows your drivers to better focus on the road, plus each escort can help you understand all types of state permits and corresponding permit routing information.
  • Equipment: Our entire fleet carries an extensive amount of equipment, ensuring they're always able to meet state requirements.
  • Coverage: Each of our lead escorts carries a minimum of $1 million in commercial liability auto insurance.
Sentinel front escort car guiding two trucks
Sentinel Pilot Car ATS Crew

What Our Customers Say

"Sentinel is extremely responsive and able to provide pilot cars both when we give them notice and when we have last-minute requests. Their escorts are always professional, on time and do an exceptional job. Sentinel's rates are also fair and their customer service is excellent."

Erik S.
President, Construction Truck & Trailer, Inc.

"Sentinel is available seven days a week, which is beneficial to our company."

John V.
Operations Manager for Heavy Haul, IMT Transport

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The Risks Are Too Great. Rely on Industry-Leading Experience.

Working with some of the most experienced front car escorts in the industry helps eliminate safety concerns and the chance you'll be caught off guard. Partner with us and gain access to reliable escorts who will lead you to success.

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