Who We Are

Sentinel is an industry-leading provider of customized pilot car services and solutions. Our team is one of the most experienced and well-networked in the industry, and every team member is dedicated to putting you first.

Driven by Customer-Focused Values

At Sentinel, customer success is what motivates us and inspires our core set of values:

  • Innovation: We continually set the bar higher for ourselves and challenge conventional ways of thinking.
  • Integrity: We treat customers the way that we would like to be treated, believe in transparency and always keep our word.
  • Determination: We will do what it takes to deliver the extra support our customers deserve, when they need it.
  • Responsibility: Every Sentinel pilot car service is provided by highly experienced professionals who know what it takes to keep drivers and the general public safe without sacrificing timeliness.
  • Excellence: We're continually striving to be even better: refining processes, educating ourselves and leveraging our industry connections.

Coast-to-Coast Coverage

allows us to serve customers throughout the continental U.S. and Canada

Customized Cost Estimates

based on each customer's individual needs

Honest, Transparent Service

every time, for every customer

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Our History

Sentinel Pilot Car Services was founded in 2003 in St. Cloud, Minnesota, with a single dispatcher.

The goal? To provide peace of mind to Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) and like-minded heavy haul and specialized freight transportation providers — confidently moving their oversized freight safely throughout the continental U.S. and Canada.

Leveraging our industry expertise and the many connections we had with top industry experts, we were able to build a team that’s uniquely able to strategically plan and deploy customized, turnkey pilot car solutions.

Today, the Sentinel team is comprised of over 1,400 escorts, 800 of which can operate as height pole escorts, and nine dedicated support team members who are unmatched in their ability to help ensure your oversized freight is escorted safely and legally.

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What Our Pilot Car Escorts Say

“The financial success of my company has surpassed any earning-potential rumor. I have found that the effort I have put in has been returned unlike any job I've held in the past. This experience has not only allowed me to realize my dream of having my own business, but it's allowed me to travel and earn a living working in an industry I believe in."

Todd S.
Owner-Operator, High-Road Oversize Pilot Car & Grading, LLC

"I enjoy escorting for Sentinel because of how easy their dispatching and payment processes are. I'm also able to reach someone seven days a week should I run into any issues."

Duane F.
Owner-Operator, Four Star Escort Pilot Car Service

"Sentinel provides ongoing support with each run. You can tell that safety is their number one priority."

Dustin M.
Owner-Operator, D&B Escorts, LLC

"Sentinel has excellent dispatch personnel. They're easy to work with and help you quickly resolve any issues and address any concerns you may have."

William T.
Owner-Operator, WW Pilot Car

Our Services

escort vehicle

Front Escort Services

Rely on front escort services that safely guide your drivers, serving as early warning signs for road hazards and more.

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Rear Escort Services

Get reliable rear escort services that help buffer your oversized freight from traffic and protect the general public.

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sentinel pilot car team

Height Pole Services

Protect your overheight shipments with experienced height pole pilot car drivers who will help ensure loads clear all overhead obstructions.

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