Care enough
to be a Sentinel?

Sentinel (noun): a person employed to keep watch for some anticipated event.

Sentinel Pilot Car Services provides the safety necessary for the heavy haul and over-dimensional trucking industry with experienced, safe, caring, professional, dependable and certified pilot car and pole cars. Do you place a premium on providing a Safe delivery? You have what it takes to be a driver for Sentinel.

Looking for the Best
The question isn't just can you drive a pilot car, we want to know if you can provide the services necessary to become part of Sentinel Pilot Cars. Can you coordinate all of the pilot car services needed for our customers throughout the United States and Canada. If so then we are looking for you. Contact us today!

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Getting paid is never a question. We are backed by one of the largest transportation companies in North America...

High volumes

We are not just a one load wonder. We supprt the pilot car needs for one of the largest Specialized and Heavy Haul trucking companies.


When your driving for Sentinel, you are driving for a leader in Pilot Car escort services .

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The Anderson family, steering an experienced, energetic team that...