Sentinel’s Services

We Offer:

  • One-call service for your height pole, front and rear pilot car needs.
  • Service coverage throughout the Continental U.S. & Canada.
  • Experts to determine where you will need escorts based on your dimensions.
  • Cost estimate for your load-specific escort needs.
  • Coordination of the escort logistics directly with your driver.

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Types of escorts available:

  • Lead: A front escort usually serves as a proactive, early warning resource to notify Drivers of any oncoming traffic or potential hazards ahead.
  • Rear: A rear escort serves as the buffer between other traffic and the truck & load, often occupying offset or multiple lanes behind the load to protect traffic while the truck and trailer make a turn or prepare to make lane changes due to lane merges/closures, an obstruction in the road ahead, or shoulder-parked vehicles.
  • Pole: When the load is over height restrictions, some states require a pilot car, called a “Height Pole Car”, in front of the tractor-trailer. This type of car has a telescopic pole attached to the front bumper, which is adjustable to match the height for that particular load in order to clear bridges, traffic signals, power lines or other overhead obstructions.

Our escorts:

  • Carry a minimum of $1M commercial liability auto insurance.
  • Will be certified in all states for your move.
  • Are some of the most experienced escorts in the industry.
  • Will carry the proper equipment & signage.
  • Are committed to the safe movement of your load!